Spirit-Healing means the following:

  • The unification of body-spirit-soul to be One (whole) again.
  • The healing of the spirit itself.
  • The harmonization (balancing) of body-mind-soul.
  • A healing method where the therapist helps with spiritual energy in the self-healing process of a human being.
  • Everything that shows up or manifests on the physical level is created initially on the energetic level. This is the same for diseases or health.
    A spiritual healer works on the subtle energetic bodies, so that afterwards the physical body can be healed by itself.

    A spirit healer connects himself with the person that needs help, through to his own abilities. This is how he can personally sense impure (sick) or unbalanced (blocked, accumulated) energies. This gives him the possibility to selectively clean or remove them.

    The aim of any therapy is the clean the energy bodies and remove the cause, which has created the disharmony, so that the whole person (body-spirit-soul) can be healed again.
    Only by recreating the natural energy flow in all bodies, the physical body receives enough fresh energy, so that the person can heal itself.

    Spiritual healing is one of the highest forms of energy healing between many others like eg Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Polarity Therapy, Pranic Healing ...
    A very effective method of energy healing is the Pranic Energy Therapy. You will find more information about pranic energy under "Pranic Healing".

    Spirit healing is one of the oldest traditional healing methods. You will find testimonies about energy healing in all cultures of this earth. Meanwhile, there is a lot of literature about it containing physical explanation of recognized Physicists.