View of light

Pranic Healing is a form of therapy where different energies of different colors are transfered. This treatment has already been used thousands of years ago and has been rediscovered by Mr. Master Choa Kok Sui.
Pranic Energy (also called Chi, Ki, Od, ...) is an universal life energy that all living beings receive from a variety of energy sources (earth, sky, sun, moon and other planets, stars, universe, ...) and re-emit in a modified form.

The Pranic Energy Therapy is one kind of Pranic Healing, that uses a special spiral technique that has been added and developed by Mr. Hubert Leitenbauer.
It's a therapeutic method without touching. Certain light energies (color energies with different vibrations, frequencies and consistency) are transfered through to the spiral technique, which is very efficient as the energy can be focused exactly to the area where it is needed.
After measuring the aura, by sensing or seing, impure (sick), blocked or accumulated energies are cleaned or taken away from the energy body. Finally the energy system will be energized with fresh clean energy and be balanced again.
The goal is to clean the different energy bodies (etherical, emotional, mental and spiritual), bring them back into there original healthy balanced shape what strengthenth the whole person.
This supplies the physical body with sufficient life energy and so that it can be healed by its own self-healing forces.
Under certain circumstances distance-treatments are possible.

Area of application:

  • Acute or chronic physical, emotional or mental complaints of all kinds.
  • Acceleration of the regeneration process after injury, surgery or severe physical exertion.
  • Strenghten the energy bodies to get more life energy.
  • Energetic cleaning of humans, animals and plants.
  • Energetic cleaning of rooms, land and objects.
  • Juridical information:

  • Pranic Energy Therapy is a complementary method to conventional medicine and other healing methods.
  • Pranic Energy Therapy is not a medical treatment and does not replace any doctor.
  • Pranic Energy Therapy treats only the subtle energy body.
  • In the Pranic Energy Therapy there are no medical diagnoses made.