These drawings illustrate the parallels, similarities and connections of Everything that is. Life that is in the macrocosm, microcosm and cosmos, building one Universe.

This image shows the physical structure of the earth. It consists of different layers that have different consistencies.
These layers are solid, liquid, gaseous and ethereal, and influence each other. This results in a constant process of change of material.
The Earth has a magnetic field, generated by the rotation of the earth (matterl) in the earth atmosphere (air). At the earth surface we speak about the Gravity force. The bigger the distance of a material is to the Earth, the less impact it has.

It's a proven fact that there are different energy fields in the Earth (material), that radiate into the environment (world).
The earth radiation and earth energy rays have different effects on humans and can be detected using radiestesia. Radiation comes from material (substances) of varying nature, which emit different energies and form networks. Water veins, distortions, and grids (Benker grid, Curry grid, Hartmann grid) are just some examples.
There is also a scientifically proven energy which is called terrestrial radiation.

This graphic shows the different layers of air which surround the earth.
They differentiate themselves by their densities, they are constantly in motion, and mix with each other. Like the subtle light bodies of a human, the different layers of air are loaded with different energies. It is noticeable for everyone after a rain or thunderstorm.
On the edge of the outer layer of air there is a filter net or a protective grid. This screen limits the earth and its atmosphere, filters and protects from harmful energies and materials coming through to our solar system.

This image shows the Earth's body, which consists of a large proportion of water (as well as humans, animals and plants), with its invisible bodies of air, and the firewall that surround them.
The individual layers of air effect the material each in their own way and vice versa.
The sun energy evaporates water, clouds are built causing a low-pressure area.
The energy of negative vortices flows into the positive ones (anticyclones) and are compensated. Like this a large scale wind energy is created, which can be locally different.

If the entire system disturbed, to which each person contributes his part, then diseases will appear:

  • The material body expresses it with earthquakes and eruptions.
  • Gases pollute the environment.
  • Liquids demonstrate this in floods and big waves (Tsunamis).
  • Energies discharge, lightnings and thunders pierce anything (from heaven to earth, from earth to sky, in all directions).
  • However, before anything happens it was already in the Ether (air) and can be felt, heard or seen.

    This chart shows our solar system with its independent material bodies, which vary in dimension (size) and atmosphere.
    They move in their orbit, which is determined, and their aura radiates and effects all kinds of material and subtle energy forms in this cosmos.
    Through the radiation of the sun, moon, planets, their living beings and stars in the universe there is a continuing processes of change in, on and around the earth.

    This drawing shows a simple atom with its components.
    The nucleus consists of two particles (elements) loaded with positive energy and two that have neutral energy, which create an environment in space.
    The nucleus is surrounded by a shell and membrane (filter), which protects it from certain influences and allows broadcasting.
    In the energy field that is generated by the core, there are two particles charged with negative energy cruising in its orbit (sphere).
    Together they create another energetic environment and change the space in the space.
    All components, from the space until the particles are interacting with each other.

    This illustration shows a cell with its seed, the atom.
    Like the atom the cell consists of a nucleus, membrane, energetic environment, and shell.
    The function is as simple, but the system is more complex, because there are more components generating even more.
    Together they have several bodies in which various charged particles are moving.
    Each physical cell has its electromagnetic field and they form an electromagnetic body according to their arrangement.
    A cell is constantly taking different substances, of material or energetic (subtle) nature, and gives them back again changed.
    These Substances are mixed with their surroundings, creating a reaction, which has effect on the transmitter and the environment (recipient).

    This image shows a complex atom and may be copyrighted.
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    For the most events on the plan-et Earth extraterrestrials (humans not living in the Earth) are responsible.
    We have a good reason to fear the human beings on this Earth, since they have created and caused everything themselves.
    Every day we get a new chance to change everything by changing ourselves and start to shine beautiful.

    Like this, One creates a lot and All has influence in and from the Universe ("One-Verse").