Plants live from the air
They breath in what we breath out
They return clean air
They call it vitality

Plants live from the earth
They eat the manner we excrete
They return grafted fruit
They call it growth

Plants live from the water
They absorb the haze we spread
They return sweet juice
They call it perfume

Plants live from the fire
They percive the thoughts we have
They return pleasant energy
They call it compassion

Plants live from the light
They receive the rays of sun
They transform them  into an infinite number of colours
They appear in different beautiful kind of nature
They call it beauty

Naturally Plants are alive
It is their nature to give what they receive
They call it community of life

They live in their body made from earth-water-air-fire-light

They adept themselves to the environment they are part of and live from

They are an individual living being of their kind

They are lovely living beings like you and me

They bloom best when energy flow is good

in clean air - through to beautiful thoughts
from natural earth - through to body care
with mineral water - through to good emotions
from pure light - through to radiation of love

You can help them by giving to them what Everybody needs